24 May 2023

Air Filter Maintenance Guide

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Air filters are often “out of sight, out of mind”, however many users do not realise the enormous cost savings that are achievable through air filtration optimisation, including appropriate maintenance.

Maintaining your air filters is essential to ensure smooth performance of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

1. Check the filters regularly
It is important to check your filters regularly to ensure that they are not clogged with dirt and debris. Whilst visual checks can be beneficial in spotting any air bypass or incorrect fitment, because the air filters are removing particulate that is invisible to the naked eye, differential pressure should be monitored using manometers, magnehelic gauges, or similar. The differential pressure is the best way to determine when a filter is approaching the end of its economical service life.

2. Replace dirty filters
Dirty filters can reduce the airflow in your system, leading to higher energy costs and reduced air delivery. Once your filters reach the end of their service life they should be replaced as soon as possible. Westbury can provide guidance for users on optimum change-out points as well as additional support on responsible and compliant disposal of waste filters. You can read more about Westbury’s licensed waste disposal services here.

3. Choose the right filter(s)
Choosing the right filters for your system is essential for maintaining optimal performance. Not only should filter selection be appropriate for delivering the quality of air needed in your application, but also bear in mind that filters protect and prolong the service life of many other components in the ventilation system such as coils, dampers & ductwork. You can read more on selecting the right filter for your application here.

4. Schedule routine maintenance
Routine maintenance is essential for ensuring the correct performance of your HVAC system and maximising the longevity of its components. Visual inspections should be carried out in conjunction with regular monitoring to spot any issues that need attention. You can read more about Westbury’s on site services including filter fitting, equipment servicing and ensuring regulatory compliance here.

Appropriate maintenance is critical in allowing your HVAC assets to perform at their best. A filter is always a small part of a larger system, but filters are a key component in providing protection for people and processes as well as offering straightforward opportunities for reducing costs and extending the service life of the whole HVAC system.

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