Duct Cleaning

To maintain good air quality and comply with industry standards, your building’s air conditioning ducts require regular cleaning and monitoring. We offer this service nationally, 24/7, with fast response times to keep you safe and compliant.

We check you have the correct air filters fitted, your seals are in good condition, and that your air quality complies with BESA TR19.

Working closely with you long-term, you have peace of mind your air hygiene is guaranteed by a trusted organisation with decades of experience.

There are different ways of cleaning ductwork systems, from hand-cleaning to compressed air. We can use the latest compressed air technology because it’s more versatile, causes the least disturbance to you, and requires minimal access.

This means we can clean any building – even multiple storeys – more easily, efficiently and quickly than suppliers who use traditional equipment. You experience minimal disruption and there’s no need for doors and windows to be kept open while we work.


What Clients Say About Us

“We have been dealing with Westbury Group for many years. They stock an excellent product range and prices are very competitive. Efficient, friendly staff. Highly recommended.”

Director - Air Climate Solutions

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