Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Westbury. We are committed to adopting eco-friendly practices and materials, ensuring our solutions are not only effective but also have a positive impact on the environment. Our approach to sustainability is integrated into our project planning and execution processes. We do all we can to partner with our customers to maximise product lifespan. Westbury make a point of not only advising on product replacement but, as a registered waste carrier, we can also help with its responsible disposal.  It’s all part of our ongoing dedication to preserving the planet for future generations.

Sustainability is extremely important to us, and we know it is to you, too.

We’re committed to a sustainable future across all of our operations, and we embrace all three pillars of sustainability – economic, environmental, and social. Our factory is solar-powered, our offices are paperless, and we use 100% recycled materials to manufacture many of our products, like the card in our packaging.

We regularly review and enhance our efforts to meet changing standards, goals, and legislation, and we take a responsible approach to choosing our supply chain partners to ensure their values reflect ours.

Below is an overview of our “roadmap” to net-zero.

  • 2017 – 204 solar panels installed to power our UK factory in Burnley, Lancashire
  • 2018 – Reduction of carbon emissions by 60 tons/year
  • 2019 – 170 tons of virgin card saved in production processes by using recycled materials
  • 2020 – Paperless office implemented and rolled out across service divisions where possible
  • 2022 – Work began on Westbury’s “net-zero action plan”
  • 2023 – Westbury’s “net-zero action plan” set to be completed
  • 2025 – Implementation of annual reporting in line with “net-zero action plan”
  • 2030 – Implementation of 100% electric vehicle fleet
  • 2040 – Westbury target for our business to achieve carbon net-zero
  • 2050 – UK Government target for businesses to achieve carbon net-zero.


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