Fire Damper Testing

A comprehensive fire damper maintenance programme designed to keep your business compliant with the latest legislation. There are a number of proposed changes in this area, contact us for the latest advice to make sure you remain in compliance.


Keep your business compliant with the latest legislation with a comprehensive fire damper maintenance programme.

We’ll inspect, service, and test your fire and smoke dampers and leave you with a thorough report on completion, so you have all the necessary information about your equipment. Your report includes:

  • Pre and post-inspection photographs of each damper
  • Dimensions, condition, and location for your records
  • Recommendations to keep your dampers safe, functional, and compliant
  • Type of fire damper for reference.

Fire Damper Inspection

Your fire damper inspection includes:

  • Full check of mechanical integrity of fusible link (where fitted)
  • Inspection and lubrication of the flat coil damper springs
  • Fire damper released and correct seating within bottom channel checked
  • Full clean of exposed surface of damper shutter
  • Damper shutter re-set and fusible link replaced (if necessary)
  • A visual fire damper label will be located on the ceiling grid beneath the access door of each unit.

Motorised Smoke Damper Inspection

Your Motorised Smoke Damper Inspection includes:

  • A local clean of the damper spindles and blades, flat coil springs, fusible link and damper channels on each unit
  • Damper spindle lubricated to ensure blades move freely
  • Damper blades electrically released and operation checked
  • Fire panel monitored when damper is closed to check damper status is indicated correctly
  • Visual smoke damper label will be located on the ceiling grid beneath the access door of each unit.


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