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Pre Filtration

Pre-filters act as the first line of defence in capturing large debris such as hair, fur, dust, and some pollens. Alternatively, they may be used as the primary stage of a more elaborate filtration system. Westbury manufacture a full range of pre-filters, produced from the highest quality components, supported by rapid delivery and competitive prices. Our expert team works tirelessly to translate your ideas into reality, ensuring that the final outcome is a testament to your ambition and our shared commitment to excellence.

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Westbury provides a comprehensive choice of secondary air filters, with each range offering specific benefits. The products are manufactured in the UK and independently tested to ensure they meet the very latest standards. Our flexible, modern, in-house production facilities and processes ensure rapid shipment for urgent needs.

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Hepa Filtration

Westbury Filtermation has introduced numerous innovations in the field of HEPA filtration. Using state-of-the-art technology, Westbury not only produces conventional HEPA filters but also extended surface models, manufactured for high flow rates at low initial resistance. The range includes products for all industries for use in clean rooms, workbenches and workstations, personnel protection systems, and similar. Efficiencies from E10 to U15 (EN 1822) are available.

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Carbon Filtration

The highly porous nature of activated carbon makes it the ideal material for removing gas phase contamination from the air. Specialised grades of carbon can be used with chemical impregnation to enhance the performance and improve longevity. The Westbury technical team are experts in designing carbon products and systems to meet with the most critical requirements, or to deal with simple day to day requirements - such as kitchen odours etc.

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