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What is IAQ and why does it matter?

Your indoor air quality is critical because it impacts the health of your colleagues and the productivity of your business.

With so many airborne pollutants, it’s essential to understand and monitor your indoor air quality.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help.

As well as inspection, cleaning, and monitoring services, we offer a consultancy service to help you identify and address your needs. Our individual filtration advice is based on local conditions and building use to ensure the protection of people and processes.

Prioritising air quality:

  • Keeps your people protected
  • Helps you meet industry standards and legislation
  • Demonstrates your commitment to employee safety and wellbeing 
  • Shows your customers and supply chain that you’re a responsible employer

What is LEV and why should employers look at it?

A local exhaust ventilation system removes contaminants from the air to improve your air quality so that it meets legislation, prevents health issues, and provides a safe working environment.  

The right system will:

  • Collect contaminated air
  • Contain contaminants to protect employees
  • Purify the air and safely remove contaminants

Globally, air pollution causes 29% of lung cancer deaths. To keep your employees healthy and safe, installing and maintaining the right type of LEV system is a smart move. It’s also a legal requirement.

To find out more and make sure you choose the right system for your workplace, speak to our skilled and knowledgeable team.

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