25 June 2024

Westbury introduces striking new packaging!

In the demanding environments that Westbury’s clients operate in, the importance of the way that our filtration products are packaged can sometimes be under-estimated.

Not only do our boxes need to be sufficiently robust to protect the delicate filters inside, but they also need to be easily identifiable and simple & safe to handle; after all, many of our clients have a huge variety of locations on site that the boxes need to be taken to after delivery.

Westbury’s aim in developing the new packaging was to retain the great benefits of our previous packaging solutions, such as carrying handles and bespoke labelling options, whilst also introducing improvements in construction and incorporating our latest imagery.

We know that sustainability is also important to our clients, so we chose to continue with the use of unbleached & recyclable materials and to utilise an elegant design language so as to minimise environmental impacts.

With the support of our long-standing partner Greyhound Box Ltd, we were able to develop a versatile packaging solution, which meets the demands of our customers whilst also allowing Westbury to reduce our environmental impact and enhance efficiencies at the factory.

All in all, the collaboration has been a great success and we can’t wait to see these boxes out there in plantrooms across the country!

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