08 November 2022

The Unique Non-respirable fibre ePM1 Glasstech Bag Filter Range

Non-respirable fibre ePM1 Glasstech Bag Filter Range

Westbury is pleased to announce the launch of the new “Glasstech”bag filter range of ePM1 Bag Filters. The range will be promoted as ”Powered by Afpro media

This innovative new product has been created in collaboration with International Air Filtration manufacturers Afpro Filters located in the Netherlands and utilizes their unique Micro Glass-fibre manufacturing process.

During production the fibre is sandwiched between two layers of synthetic media, making the resultant product look and handle the same as synthetic fibre whilst totally eradicating the possibility of fibre shedding and the consequential inhalation of glass fibres associated with all other micro-glassfibre bag filter manufacturers. This revolutionary new process also toughens up the product making it more robust than conventional materials for handling during installation.

The new Glasstech product is available in a range of sizes and is fully tested to ISO16890 ePM1

For further information please contact Westbury on 01282 459744 or email sales@westbury.group

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