Pre-Filtration Solutions

Pre-filtration is the key to efficiency in many air filtration systems. It not only helps to maintain a cleaner environment, but can extend the life of successive filtration points – significantly reducing operational costs. Westbury’s pre-filtration solutions help to ensure a cleaner, healthier and more efficient operational ecosystem across a wealth of industries, underlined by our commitment technical expertise and excellent customer service.

Why is Pre-Filtration Needed?

Serving as the first line of defence, pre-filtration captures larger particulate matter and contaminants, thereby prolonging the life of finer, more expensive filters downstream. Beyond cost-saving, pre-filtration significantly elevates overall air quality – a critical factor for industries such as food processing, healthcare and manufacturing.

By preventing clogging and reducing overall load, pre-filtration also aids in maintaining the efficiency of HVAC and other air handling system components, ensuring they operate at optimum levels. Compliance with stringent air quality standards is a necessity in many industries, and having a robust pre-filtration stage assures adherence by creating a baseline level of air cleanliness.

Saving Energy, Enhancing Efficiency

Even operational continuity can be bolstered by pre-filtration, keeping air handling and HVAC systems running smoothly with reduced downtime for maintenance and filter replacement.

Critically, pre-filtration also contributes to the creation of healthier work environments, by mitigating the exposure of employees to airborne contaminants – a crucial factor for ensuring well-being and productivity.

Our Extensive Range of Pre-Filtration Products

Our selection of pre-filtration products is designed to meet the varied needs of businesses across diverse sectors. These products include:

  • Disposable Filter Panels. These cost-effective solutions capture larger particles, making them ideal for less demanding environments, or as a first filtration stage. The range also includes products compliant with industry-specific guidelines, including HTM-03.
  • Fancoil Filters. With a compact design, our Fancoil Filters provide reliable pre-filtration, ensuring that your HVAC systems run efficiently with reduced maintenance needs.
  • Cut Pads & Pad Frames: Tailored for versatility, Cut Pads and Pad Frames offer a flexible pre-filtration solution which is adaptable to different settings and requirements.
  • Lofted Synthetic Bags: Featuring a high dust-holding capacity, Lofted Synthetic Bags ensure an extended operational lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Grease Filters: Engineered to tackle challenges in catering environments, Grease Filters provide efficient pre-filtration, keeping kitchen exhaust systems clean and functional.
  • Cleanable pre-filter options: Applicable to the most demanding of environments, where traditional pre-filter options are unsuitable.

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