Secondary Filter Solutions

After pre-filtration has captured larger particles, the secondary filtration stage targets smaller particles and contaminants, enhancing overall air quality. Amongst other benefits, this helps to maintain a cleaner operational environment and ensure the longevity and efficiency of finer filtration systems downstream. Manufactured at our UK-based production facilities, Westbury are experts in the supply of high-quality secondary filters which are independently tested to meet the latest standards.

Refining Air Purity

Secondary filtration is a crucial component in the holistic approach to air management, bridging the gap between pre-filtration and final filtration. Serving as an intermediary step, secondary filtration captures smaller particles that the pre-filtration stage may have missed, yet without the extreme precision (and often higher cost) of final-stage filtration.

The secondary filtration stage is critical in settings where higher air quality standards are essential – for example, manufacturing facilities (where particulate-free air is crucial to maintain the quality and integrity of products), and healthcare settings (where secondary filtration aids in reducing the spread of airborne pathogens).

Ultimate Efficiency

By taking on a significant portion of the filtration load, secondary filtration plays a pivotal role in extending the life of more refined filtration systems downstream. Optimisation of filtration efficiency through appropriate filter selection delivers reduced resistance to airflow. In doing so, the air handling systems require less energy to push air through the filtration system – contributing to energy savings.

Secondary filtration strikes a successful balance between cost and capability, providing long-term value with a significant level of air purification. The better-managed filtration process leads to reduced maintenance needs and longer intervals between filter replacements, contributing to lower operational expenses over time.

Find a Secondary Filtration Product to Meet Your Exact Requirement

Our secondary filter range encompasses a variety of products tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers, including:

  • Reliance Synthetic Bag Filters: Blending durability and dependability, Reliance Synthetic Bag Filters are crafted for longevity and performance, ensuring a cleaner, healthier atmosphere across an array of settings.
  • Westlife Rigid Bag Filters: With a sturdy construction and unparalleled filtration efficiency, Westlife Rigid Bag Filters can meet the demands of leading-edge industrial and commercial environments and deliver significant life-cycle cost savings.
  • Glasstech ePM1 Bag Filters: Glasstech ePM1 Bag Filters offer exceptional particulate capture down to sub-micron level, fostering an environment where exceptional air purity is standard.

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