Cleanable Air Intake Screens

Dual Layered Cleanable Pre-Filter

  • Consistently low differential pressure
  • Galvanised or stainless steel outer frame
  • Easily cleanable
  • Standard & bespoke sizes

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    Designed for use in applications where card cased pre-filters are undesirable due to moisture ingress or shortened lifespan, the dual layered cleanable pre-filter can be renewed many times over to provide consistent performance and reduced consumable costs. The dual layered filter is designed as a direct replacement for Coarse (ISO16890) or G3/G4 (EN779:2012) pre-filters, providing protection for secondary filters and/or other system components.


    Galvanised or stainless steel outer frame construction provides rigidity and longevity. The central section of the filter frame contains two channels which accept two mesh screens of varying density. These screens can be withdrawn from the filter frame for cleaning by vacuum, pressure washer, scrubbing, etc. and then replaced for continued filtration performance.

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