E10-U17 Multiwedge HEPA Filter

Ultra High Velocity HEPA

  • Available in a variety of efficiencies
  • Low Resistance
  • Long Life
  • Individually Tested & Certified
  • Suits numerous applications
  • Fitted with countersunk handles
  • Robust construction

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    Suitable for numerous applications including, smoke removal, asbestos removal, cleanrooms, clean booths, decontamination, safe-change applications


    The filter media packs for the UHV-G High Velocity Hepa Filter are manufactured from a continuous length of superior quality micro-glass paper media. The media is moisture resistant and fire retardant, it is closely pleated and positively spaced using thermosetting beads to form a pack. The packs are placed in multiple ‘V’ banks and bonded and sealed into the frame utilizing a two part high density fire retardant urethane elastomer. A flat profile neoprene gasket or a one piece seamless gasket is used to ensure a leak free seal when the filter is installed into a filter housing. The standard galvanised frames are provided with convenient countersunk removal handles on two sides of the filter. Following production each filter is individually scan tested to establish leak free performance and fitted with a label detailing the scan test results. Once packaged individual test certificate is included in the durable carton.

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