Front Withdrawal Frames & Clips

This product has been specifically designed for general filtration applications where access is available to insert filters from the front.

  • Simple self-build system
  • Easy access for filter changes
  • Robust once assembled into framework
  • Dimensionally infinitely variable
  • Numerous applications
  • Made in Britain

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    Frames can be joined into large framework systems by simply adding a vertical brace between each lift of frames. Sealing is accomplished by using opposing angle sealing plates – all of these component parts are available on request. The frames may be ordered individually or supplied as part of a kit for on-site installation, as can the ‘P’ clips.


    Frames are manufactured in Galvanised steel with slotted joining holes on each side. Joints are fully welded to ensure structural stability and strength. The filters are retained with stainless steel turnover ‘P’ clips that land onto the internal flange of the frame. The filter is then seated onto a neo-gasket located around the internal flange. Frames can be joined into frameworks with either pop rivets or 6mm roofing bolts/nuts. Assembly sketches are available on request.

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